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Projectors & AV is the ultimate guide to projectors and their accessories.
Here you can find all the latest information about technology and features, and guides on how to choose the right equipment for your requirements.

Projectors have become a very popular tool for presentations, education and training as well as home entertainement.

Many businesses equip their boardrooms and training rooms with them or supply portable models for their representatives to use on the go.
Hundreds of schools, colleges and universities use them to teach pupils and students. Coupled with interactive whiteboards and devices they help create a more dynamic environment and learning experience.

At home they have enabled movie and TV lovers to enjoy their hobby on a big screen. Many owners now prefer to stay at home than go to the cinema !

If you need help choosing the right projector, check Projectors & AV's guides by using the menu on the left or go to our links page for recommended websites and experts.

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