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Projectors can be controlled in a number of ways.

The obvious methods are using the projector remote control or the button panel on the projector, but there are other ways.
Networkable projectors can be controlled via LAN while others can be controlled with RS232 commands.

Network commands

Some projectors feature a network connection (see our Network section), allowing the projector to be controlled remotely.

Using specific commands, you can check the current settings or adjust them remotely from a computer in or outside the room.

RS232 commands

The RS232 control connection is usually a serial connector (9 pin D-Sub).

Network projectors

RS232 commands, like the network commands, allow you to check the current settings and adjust them.

What can be done?

Using control commands you can:

  • turn the projector on or off
  • check the lamp life or filter life
  • change the input selected
  • adjust the brightness, contrast, keystone correction and other image settings
  • change the speaker volume
  • enable or disable features
  • check for errors
  • etc.

Different projectors offer varying degrees of control so if you are going to use the control features, check that you can do everything you need with the projectors you have shortlisted before buying.

How about USB?

Some projectors feature a USB connection as a "Service port". This is usually to diagnose issues or to carry out firmware upgrades, basically servicing the projector.

Another use is so you can use the projector remote control as a controller for the computer via USB. The remote control can then be used to control page up and down in Powerpoint Presentations etc.