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Prices of projectors vary from a couple of hundreds of pounds to tens of thousands of pounds and there is always a better, newer model available.

Before buying a projector, you should decide how much you would be happy to spend and then buy the best projector in that budget. However don't make the mistake of buying a projector short of your requirements to save a few pounds as you run the risk of being unhappy with the results.

Second hand projectors

Projectors can be found on auction websites quite easily and you may be tempted to buy one to save some money but actually you rarely get a bargain.

Second hand projectors on auction websites tend to reach prices that are near enough brand new model prices. They may have been worth a lot more when new but the technology moves on and projectors become better and better so after a few years you could buy a new projector with the same specifications for half the price.

Also with second hand projectors there is no guarantee on how long the lamp will last. When lamps cost in excess of £100 (more often around £200) is it worth the risk to save £20?

With prices as low as they are today, it is advisable to buy a new projector with a new lamp and full warranty to avoid disappointment. And you can't put a price on the advice given by a professional before your purchase.