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  Interactive Features


If you have been in a classroom or training room recently you may be familiar with interactive whiteboards such as the Smartboards or Promethean boards.
The boards, combined with a projector and computer, behave like a giant touch screen where you can annotate or interact with software and documents.

Now, thanks to interactive projectors, you can benefit from the same interactivity but without the need for a special board.

Why use an interactive projector?

With an interactive projector you can use any surface to project on to: a wall, a standard whiteboard, even a table! You can be creative.
Just use the pen provided and annotate presentations, brain storm, use it for mouse control etc.

This also means you aren't limited to using interactivity features in just one room. You can take your projector to different rooms, to customer premises etc. Provide exciting training anywhere you want.

Finally, you can save money when you only need to buy a projector rather than a projector and an interactive whiteboard.