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Projectors with a network connection are often (but not exclusiveley) required in large offices, in education or health establishment or anywhere where several projectors may be used.

They are like any other pojector except they feature a LAN connection and a unique IP address. This allows them to be connected to a network where users can locate the projector, communicate with and control it remotely.

What can be done over the network?

Network projectors can be useful for two main reasons:

  • They can be managed remotely so a task can be carried out on many projectors from one remote point by the same person. This saves time and money
  • Some projectors can display data stored on a network so user can remotely access files stored elswhere in the building. No need to move computer equipment.
Network projectors

Remote monitoring

With projectors connected to the network, you can:

  • diagnose technical issues remotely and make adjustments.
  • set a schedule for projectors to be turned off automatically so they aren't left to run by mistake; for example at the end of the day.
  • receive alerts when the lamp is nearing its end of life and needs replacing, or a reminder that maintenance is required
  • receive alerts if a projector is disconnected from the network to help prevent theft

These features are particularly useful when there are several projectors in the building as they can all be monitored from one place.

Remote file access

Some networkable projectors support remote file access where you can show a spreadsheet, video, slideshow, presentation etc. that is stored on a computer on the network.
This is useful when you need to use a projector in a meeting room or boardroom as you can access files on your computer in your office for example.

This is not available on all networkable projectors so ensure that the projector you are buying can do this if it's a feature that you require.