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  Noise Level


Projectors can become very hot when running because of the lamp inside, so in the same way as computers, they have fans to cool them down. These fans cause noise.

In large venues this noise is rarely an issue because the projector is installed far enough from the audience for them not to hear it, but at home or in an office the projector can be installed or placed quite close to people and the noise may become a nuisance.

Generally the brighter the projector, the noisier it is because the fans have to cool a much brighter, therefore hotter lamp.
Portable projectors can also be noisier because they use smaller fans that need to spin faster to keep the projector cool.

Projectors can produce noise levels as low as 24dB while the brighter models can reach 50dB.
Projectors with noise levels of 30dB or less are considered quiet.

To give you an idea of what the sound levels mean, check the comparison graph below:

Noise level