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  Do I Need a Screen?


A lot of people question the need for a projector screen because they think any white surface will be sufficient.

While this may be true as a quick and easy temporary solution, it will by no means be ideal or get the best out of a projector you may have spent hundreds of pounds on.

Why is a projector screen different to a white wall?

Projector screen surfaces have been developed for a specific purpose: get the best out of projectors.
The surface is made to reflect the light in the right way so the viewer benefits from the best image possible.

A wall, blind or sheet on the other hand may have some texture that will affect the amount and how the light is reflected and how sharp the image looks.
Unless the surface is completely flat the image can look distorted.
Also any colour tinit will affect the colours on the projected image. For example a slightly magnolia wall will made skin tones on the screen look reder than they should be.


While it's possible to use a plain white wall as a projection surface, it will not give you the best results possible.
Even an entry level manual wall screen will improve on the image quality compared to a wall.

Remember that while you may upgrade your projector every few years to keep up with new technology, a good quality screen doesn't need to be upgraded for many years unless your requirements change.